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Minggu, 08 Juni 2014


2013s MOMENT

Beanien : New Era
Snapback : SUPRA
Denim Vest : Wrangler (I cut off the sleeves >.<)
Black long sleeves : Executive
Short pants : Levis
Jacket : RICHNESS  D V L P M N T
Shoes : -

Photographer : S. Tyo M. 

  Make up : Kiky F. 
Style by Me

This is my first photo 
But not a new photo , this is my 2013's moment , on april
Maybe ,my style on this pict. was standart styles , and Freak ! , coz i'm junior a>s Lowclass :v
bt , i hope in the future i can amaze you with my secci style :p , Amiin 

Peace Catcher !

About Myself !

 About Meeeeh !

My name Demiro ragil Syah, I am 16 y.o | male | Indonesian .  

I have been very interested in fashion, and therefore, I intend to create a blog that contains about fashion,

this is my new blog, I want to try to get into the  "FashionBlogger's" world.

I am new in this field. so all the stuff that I'll upload it, may still be classified as normal, because I am still in the process. 

in this blog, everyone can comment, criticize, etc. 

I hope you can have fun on this blog, and hopefully in the future I can be a source of inspiration for many people. 

Thank you for your attention 

peace catcher *